Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh, I love the internet. Love love love LOOOOVE the internet.

This afternoon while I was at work, out of nowhere I got an earworm. It was a song I haven't heard in quite a while: And the Glory of the Lord from Handel's Messiah.

I had the song on the brain in a major way, to put it mildly. And, having looked up "earworm" online a couple years back, I remembered reading that one way to get "rid" of an earworm is to listen to the song completely, from start to end. So for that reason, and also because I just plain like the music, I had a major need to listen to the song. The more time passed, the more I neeeeeeeeded to hear the song.

Hours passed. 5:30PM arrived. I came home from work. And my need to hear the song continued, unabated.

Unfortunately, do I own a copy of it that's easily located? No. I have a cassette tape with selections from Messiah on it, somewhere, but no clue where the tape has gotten to. Even if I'd found it, I'd have to play the fast forward/rewind game until I tracked down the song ON the cassette.

By 9:30 PM, I was ready to climb the walls for the lack of a way to listen to this song. And then the idea crossed my mind, "I wonder if there's a way to listen to the song online? SURELY someone's uploaded it to some web page somewhere."

Good old Google. No sooner did I enter a few terms into my favorite search engine, than I located this page:

They give permission to download the music on their site for personal use, for free. HOO-freakin-RAY! That's just what the doctor ordered!

I downloaded And the Glory of the Lord and listened to it a few times.

My earworm is gone. I'm all better now. *PLUS* I now have some MP3s of selections from Messiah, to boot. Which I got for free. Legally. Within minutes of my clicking "search" on

Did I mention that I love the internet?

P.S. "And the glory, the glory of the Lord, sha-aa-all be-ee-ee-ee re-ve-eal-ed..."

Uh oh. I'd better listen to that MP3 again. ;o)

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