Friday, May 12, 2006

Just so you know, it's probably just a matter of days before I get pushed out of this job.

I spoke to the new manager this morning. The same complaining people have not stopped, which I figured would happen. One in particular, the doctor I ranted about in a post some weeks ago, specifically brought a message I took to the attention of the new manager. It was from a person requesting a new-patient appointment for her daughter. Because this doctor doesn't normally see new patients, we have to take a message with the pertinent information and leave it in a special folder in the doctor's inbox.

I took the message. I put it in the dr.'s inbox. At the time, I noticed another message from the SAME PERSON dated four days earlier, taken by the other front-desk person who works with me.

My note had info that hers didn't have. Her note had info that mine didn't have. Both mentioned that the patient's family doctor (mentioned by name) had spoken to OUR doctor about taking the patient on.

Our doctor complained to our manager that my note didn't have enough information in it. HELLO... She already had the same info four days earlier in the other note, PLUS according to the other note and mine, our doctor had already been apprised of the situation by the patient's own doctor. *AND*, what's more, our doctor did agree to see the patient, and the appointment was made yesterday.

I was able to document the fact that the older message existed because our message pads have carbon copies of all messages and we save them for several months before shredding them.

I got my old message pad that included messages from May 8, and turned to the copy of my message. Then I went through the stack of old message pads until I found my colleague's old pad containing her May 4 message. I put both pads on the manager's desk.

Next up: I have been having migraines, most decidedly stress-induced, at least once or twice a week for the past month. I called out sick about two weeks ago, and got sick again on Wednesday. It's two separate "occurrences", apparently, and that might count against me. I want to know how the F a person can be penalized for actually being freakin' SICK. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow anyway, so I will get documentation that I am seeking treatment from him for migraines. (And acid reflux, since I woke up a few nights ago to find that there was... how can I describe this? Digestive backwash in my esophagus. Yuck, I know. If you think READING it is gross, try LIVING it.) If nothing else, it should prove that there is, in fact, a medical issue going on.

After I had the meeting with my manager, I went in the rest room and vomited. I suppose that's better than the alternative form of digestive rebellion that I've occasionally experienced due to stress. I don't think I can handle this stress anymore. If the health system lets me collect unemployment benefits, I might actually survive this whole experience with the remnants of my sanity and what's left of my digestive tract intact.

Geesh, even the Hell job at the Nameless Nationwide Department Store didn't actually bring on active nausea. Migraines, yes. Barfing, no.

I've had it with EVERYthing right now. Honestly HAD it with everything. The only reason I'm even attempting to eat this sandwich right now is that if I don't, the headache might come back. I've seen enough of those this week, and I know that not eating can cause them to happen. That goes double for the fact that I might as well have skipped breakfast, considering that it didn't stay around long enough to actually provide nourishment. If I get nauseous, at least all I have to do is, um, let my innards jettison unwanted material and the nausea will go away. If the headache comes back, heck only knows how long it'll last.

So anyway, if I have bad news to post regarding my job status in the next few days, don't be shocked. *I* will be shocked if I DON'T have bad tidings before long.

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