Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OK. So, the bad news is that I didn't get the file clerk job I interviewed for. The practice manager believe I'm way overqualified for the position.

The GOOD news is that in the same practice that had the file clerk job opening, they now have TWO Patient Services Representative openings, neither of which job was open two weeks The practice manager who interviewed me recommended that I apply for the PSR jobs instead, so I will.

In the meantime, all I'm willing to say in the blog about the people making trouble for me in the Rheumatology clinic is that they're 2/3 of the way toward causing me to lose my job. I had a meeting with HR and my manager (the one who's on my side in this mess). I'll be filing some official paperwork of my own. It might or it might not undo the damage that these people have already done to me, but if nothing else it will show that I disagree with some of what's gone on so far.

I do have to get out of this job. I can put up with a LOT of stuff, but one thing I can't, and won't, abide is spite. I refuse, and I do mean REFUSE, to put up with spitework day in and day out. Better for me to find a place where I'm NOT going to be inundated with stress-related digestive problems and insomnia issues. I don't need this aggravation.

Enough ranting. I have to finish proofreading the minutes for tomorrow's Phan Club general meeting. TTYL.

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