Saturday, April 15, 2006

OK, here's a perfect example of BAD product placement.

I'm watching a program on the Discovery Channel called, "The Iceberg That Sunk the Titanic". It's showing how the iceberg was formed and moved down into the North Atlantic, much farther afield than an iceberg would've been expected to be, and met its destiny on April 14, 1912.

Prior to this, there was another program showing people involved with the movie "Titanic", as they went below the surface and used an unmanned remotely-controlled camera device to view the rooms of the Titanic wreckage, interspersing the rooms as they look today with photos of the rooms when they were built, and the scenes in the movie where those rooms were shown.

Basically, we're all getting a long and detailed look at the remains of a sunken cruise ship, as well as stories of some of the people who were known to have died in the tragedy.

So what I want to know is this: WHAT IDIOT thought it would be a good idea for Carnival Cruise Lines to purchase commercial time during this program? HELLO? Talk about bad timing! While we're at it, why not have McDonald's advertise during programs about how eating fast food causes heart attacks? Let's see some airline ads during a program about plane crashes, too. Or Amtrak ads during a program about train derailments.

DUH... I sincerely wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

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