Saturday, March 13, 2004

Well, here we are, two hours into a 7-hour drive to Manchester. I'm composing this post in the bus, somewhere on the New York Thruway. :o)

So far, we've watched a movie (Good Boy) and raffled off an Ian MacNeil autographed hockey stick. I also had the chance to growl at a billboard ("Stanley Cup Champion NJ Devils -- for tickets, call ___". GRRRRRRR) and at the Continental Airlines Arena which is where the Devils play. We also ran into some serious traffic heading through the Bronx. I think we were on I-95 at the time, and now I can see why Donna H avoids using that route when she comes down to Philly. As congested as the traffic on our side was, the SOUTHbound traffic was even worse, and this is a Saturday morning. Sheesh, I don't want to see what those roads look like during rush hour!

I looked at the NYC skyline and felt sad. I'll never, ever be able to look at it without thinking "Something's missing" and remembering how barbaric people are capable of being toward one another. :o(

Thank goodness at least it's a BEAUTIFUL day. We haven't had tons of sunlight in Philly for the past few days, so seeing actual real-live sunshine is a treat and a mood lifter.

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