Thursday, December 22, 2016

You Shall Not Pass

On Tuesday night, Baxter went partway up the stairs to the second floor. Captain sat at the foot of the stairs. I became aware of that fact when the dog decided he wanted to return to the living room, and found the cat blocking his way.

"Yip yip yip yip yip yip" went Baxter. Captain just sat and looked at him. I sat and watched to see what would happen. To my great amusement, even though the dog has chased the cat in the past, he seems to have found a newfound respect for Captain in recent days. Possibly, this started when Baxter attempted to chase the cat, and Captain just sat there. Either that, or Baxter has a memory of being swatted by the Paw of Doom. I haven't seen the cat smack the dog upside the head in recent days, but it's always possible that there was some Paw of Doom usage when I wasn't there to see it.

In any event, Baxter showed enough deference to Captain (and the Paw of Doom) to just yip at him until he finally moved out of the way, allowing Baxter to get past him and enter the living room.

😂😂😂 I have such #spoiledcritters .

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