Monday, February 22, 2016

Baxter's Big Day

RARF! I'm Baxter, the big tough dog. I'm sneaking onto my Mom's computer when she's not looking, so I can write this post about my day.

I'm a big boy. I'm part Chihuahua and part Corgi, and you know how big I am? Almost as big as a CAT, and cats are HUGE!

Today, I protected the house. It started when Daddy stayed home from work. Then late in the morning, he made me go in my crate. That's unusual, since I normally only sleep in there at night, but Daddy said so, so I went in.

And right after that, there was a knock on the door. So of course I barked Big Tough Barks. And Daddy opened the door and STRANGERS walked in! Two of them! Like they owned the place! So I gave them even bigger, tougher Big Tough Barks, and Big Tough Growls, too.

But that's not the most shocking part. Those two Strangers, they actually TOOK OUR REFRIGERATOR! Can you believe the nerve? They had to wheel it right past my crate to get it out the door, so I gave them my biggest, toughest Big Tough Barks to tell them, "You put that fridge right back where you found it! Right back, do you hear?"

Well, you bet I scared them. I scared those Strangers so much that instead of putting the old fridge back, they immediately brought in a bigger, better, shiny brand new refrigerator instead! And I mean IMMEDIATELY! How do you like THAT? All because I'm big and tough and I told them off like a good guard dog should.

Then after they put the big new shiny fridge in, the Strangers went away. I sure scared them good! That's what they get for trying to steal refrigerators. I bet they'll never try THAT again!

So now we have a big new fridge, and I am Very Proud Of Myself.

Baxter the Brave

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