Monday, August 24, 2015

Onward and upward

Most people who know me offline, also know that I work multiple part-time jobs. One of them was a work-from-home customer support job, from which I had been receiving ever fewer calls (even though my rating remained as high as ever). I was wondering if/when the other shoe was going to drop, as I cannot kid myself about what happens when workloads dry up. I went through it at the bank, and next thing you know, they were downsizing. Ever since then, I have my antennae up when the workflow suddenly starts changing for the worse.

It didn't take long for an answer to come. I found out last Thursday that my position was eliminated. I guess they are consolidating their ranks as their workload shifts. So that was a disappointment. They assured me that it had nothing to do with the quality of my work, but that's scant consolation when a job goes away.

BUT! The good news is that in the very same hour that I got the email about the job cut, I also got a message from a former manager about a new potential part-time position in a DIFFERENT department of the same hospital where I worked 10 years ago. It would be a great fit for abilities that I already have, involving transcribing what a doctor dictates while doing minor, same-day surgical procedures. Shoot, between spending six years taking minutes for the Phantoms Phan Club, the five (!) years I've spent taking minutes for the Italian Museum committee, and the decades(!!) I've spent as a sign language interpreter, this kind of job would really tap into some abilities that I have been making the best use of for a long time now.

So I am looking forward to going in there in person to meet the doctor, and I hope that everything works out ASAP. Working from home was convenient in bad weather, but the workload fluctuated wildly (and with it, the income). This would be a commute to work, but it would also be REGULAR HOURS and a consistent income. I will make that tradeoff willingly.

So, watch this space. Cool things could be happening Real Soon Now.

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