Friday, November 08, 2013

Well, that was quick! The first half-century

I am scheduling this post for the actual birthdate, but I'm writing it a few days after the fact because my weekend was so busy. I celebrated my 50th birthday on Friday with a big dinner at a nearby restaurant with my parents and a whole lot of friends. God bless Mark, he did a great job of hosting the dinner. We were a party of 13 in all.

Joe J. had a shirt made for me that reads "ARF" in the manual alphabet on one side, and 50 on the back. :) We are both insane and we bark at one another, and when we aren't actually barking out loud, I will spell "arf" into his hand (he's deaf-blind and communicates via tactile sign language). I think the shirt is hilarious and I can't wait to wear it.

Another classic gift I got was the tiara I'd been looking at and drooling over when Joe M., John, and I were at the RenFaire several weeks ago. :-) I came this-close to declaring the entire weekend My Birthday and wearing it the rest of the weekend. :-) But any time I plan to be Queen for a Day, that tiara is going on.

We had an unexpected visit from The Other Donna. While I was happy to see her, I was not too happy as to the underlying reason for her visit. Unfortunately, she was down here to attend the funeral of a longtime friend. :-( He was only 50 and died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm. Sigh. It was not lost on me that while I was celebrating a 50th birthday, 50 years was all he got to live, period. So you won't see ME griping over this landmark. It's a privilege, not a burden, to keep adding to the total.

So anyway, they say that the first half-century is the hardest. We'll see about that. Bring on the next half-century!

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