Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baxter is making progress

Watching Baxter start to gain confidence that he is really HOME, is like watching a curtain slowly draw back from his Real Personality. When we go on walks, his tail is normally up and waving now. And these last two times, instead of being reluctant to leave the house, he's been speedily walking and sniffing everything in sight. :-)

He follows me around like a little shadow now. Wherever I go, he goes. When I sit on the sofa or loveseat, He hops up next to me. We had a moment tonight when I was watching the Phantoms online, and he was clearly bored of sitting on the sofa... and yet he wouldn't leave the sofa while I was sitting there.

He is such a great little dog, and very well-mannered. Someone clearly spent a lot of effort training him properly.

Oh, and tonight, we had the first couple of encounters with Captain. He and Captain sniffed noses right next to me, and Captain was OK with that. Later, Captain was facing the other way and Baxter sniffed his rump. He studiously Ignored this, though I could tell he wasn't particularly enamored of the canine greeting. Stanley responds similarly -- he is OK with sniffing noses, but he'd rather not have similar attentions paid to his opposite end.

Critters. :-) Endless entertainment.

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