Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The latest

It's been a relatively quiet few weeks. We did get some concerning news concerning my mom's eyes -- she was diagnosed with the early stages of an eye issue for which there really isn't a treatment at this time. However, God willing, it will be a stable condition or at least will progress at a snail's pace. She's had eye issues her whole life. She doesn't need this now. :(

Fortunately, we have a couple of relatives who are also dealing with said eye issue. One, we knew about. The other reached out with advice after seeing me post something on Facebook about "a relative" (not specifying that it was my mom). We hadn't even known he had the same diagnosis, so that was a surprise. It was also good to hear from him. This family is small enough already -- we don't need it to get smaller by a lack of communication between people.

Starting on the day after Father's Day, I've resumed the regimen of exercise and calorie counting that I had success with three years ago. Meanwhile, three of my friends joined Weight Watchers not long after that, so now the four of us are acting as a mutual admiration society. I think we ALL have the capacity to knock off the unwanted pounds, plus improve various bloodwork numbers, as needed. I'll have to make sure and report progress as it happens. :-)

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