Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy 10th Bloggerversary!

While most people celebrate May 5 as Cinco de Mayo, I have a completely different reason for marking this date. It's the anniversary of my blog.

And today's even more special, as I have been blogging for ten years, as of today. Wow -- time sure does fly!

Even though I have started recounting some of my tales on social media, I still do make time to post on here at times.

It's been relatively quiet in the past few weeks, though, so there hasn't been a lot to recount.

Well, there was ONE big thing. Mini had to have some teeth extracted. I hated to put a 13-year-old dog under anesthesia, but there really was no alternative. She came through the process well, and is now inhaling canned food like it's going out of style. I had to give her kibble to Karla and Al for their dog, though, as the vet said not to give her crunchies anymore.

There is one issue that's concerning me some, though. Her back legs occasionally act up now. If you ever see the leg-kicking reaction when you find the dog's "tickle spot" on the belly, that's what Mini looks like she's doing. It tends to be worse in the morning than later in the day.

However, her zest for life is still exactly the same, as is her appetite. And she's still the boss of the much-larger cats, lol. So I think that whatever comes up, as long as she's got that "I love life" attitude, can be gotten through one way or another. Fortunately, she's pocket-sized, so carrying her on the front steps if her legs act up is not an issue. And a lot of the time, she can navigate the steps just fine, though I give her a little "help" with the leash just in case.

Other than that, let's see, what's been up since my most recent post? Well, I'm still teaching sign language to a deaf-blind friend whose hearing is deteriorating. I think I'm going to have TWO students soon, as her friend has bought the book we're using (The Joy of Signing). That's the only sign book she could find from the National Library Service for the Blind that is available in braille, so she borrowed it. Fortunately, it's a book that's readily available in print, so we are both able to use a version of the same book.

Oh, and I have gone stark raving bananas buying Kia-related items to match the car. You know you've crossed the border into obsession territory when you order a mug SPECIFICALLY because it's the same blue as the car.

So for the time being, that's all the news that's fit to print. Happy 10th Bloggerversary to me! :-)

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