Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life with Critters

I'm checking my email while sitting in my normal workspace at one end the sofa. (I have a TV tray where my computer normally lives.) Stanley's on the back of the sofa. Mini is sitting next to me.

Captain decided to jump up on the other end of the sofa. Mini the Jealous ran the length of the sofa to glare in his face. Captain just stood there and glared back. They stood nose-to-nose. I reached over and hauled Mini all the way back toward where I'm sitting, as she protested with a big tough RRRRRRRR. I think that's Chihuahua-speak for "You're lucky Mom is intervening." I told her not to stare at her brother. To which she peeked over in Captain's direction and gave a muffled "rrrrrrrr" under her breath. Wise-aleck dog.

Now, Stanley's dozing on the back of the sofa. Captain's dozing on the other end of the sofa. Mini's dozing next to me. Peace reigns. :-)

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