Monday, October 08, 2012

Doing some reinventing of myself. What else is new?

One of my part-time jobs was diminished last week. I am not amused. I am not going to sit around and mope. I spent last week busting my tail trying to set up an Etsy store where I can sell wire-wrapped jewelry. (The link will be added to the left-hand side of the page when I get a few moments.) I spent time photographing the items that I already had available, uploading images, writing text, etc. I set, and achieved, the goal of doing something significant for the Etsy setup every day of the week. Persistence paid off, when I made my first sale yesterday! Today, I ran to the craft store (as the jewelry boxes I have on hand were too small for this item), and proceeded to stock up on some larger boxes and a bunch of other stuff. Then I got packing material at a nearby Staples, went home and prepped the item for shipping, and went right to the Post Office... only to realize that they were closed because it's Columbus Day. Dagnab it. Well, my item will be sent out tomorrow, then. Fortunately, the other reason for my trip, the gym, is only a short distance from the Post Office. So I went there and used the treadmill... and toward the end of my 30 minutes, started to feel pretty awful. It was then that I realized that in all my errand-running, I'd never actually stopped to eat lunch. No wonder I felt dreadful. So I tweaked the settings of the treadmill a little bit (dropped the incline to zero and reduced speed by 0.5 MPH) and finished my workout. I plan to spend my unexpected free time on making things for Etsy, going back to the gym, and taking an online programming class. I'm NOT going to spend it sulking over the reduction of my workload.

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