Saturday, March 31, 2012

On my critters, past and present

Over the years, I've had kitties with various different perceptions of the feline/human species differential (or not).

For example, Misty absolutely perceived herself as human, except smaller, fuzzier, and a bit superior overall. She had no time for other four-footed critters, and if she was looking out the window and saw me pet another animal, she would sulk. She also sulked the first few times I visited somewhere that had an unfamiliar critter scent, until she got used to detecting that scent on me.

Melody clearly thought I was a cat. She interacted with me as a kitten would with its mother -- except for a few months when she kept bringing me half-dead (or wholly alive) bugs to try and teach me to hunt. Mercifully, she gave up on me after failing to break me of the "scream and swat" killing technique.

Harmony KNEW she was a Cat, capital C. She was feline in all aspects of her purr-sonality. I never got a sense that she perceived herself as anything but feline, nor did she ever give off a vibe that she considered ME to be feline.

As to my current felines, Captain and Stanley... the only thing I can detect about them is that they don't appear to perceive a species difference between me and them. They treat me like a Momcat, greet me with chirps, sit on me, knead on me. They definitely perceive a difference in species between themselves and Mini, though. They made it clear, the instant they first set eyes on the dog, that they were shocked -- SHOCKED -- that we'd let an animal in the house.

Mini, meanwhile, just sees us as her pack. It's all good. She kisses the daylights out of Mark and me, and if I happen to be cuddling her within range of one of the cats, she'll start licking the cat. Meanwhile, said kitty will have a look on his face that puts me in mind of Lucy vs. Snoopy: "AAAUUGH! I'VE BEEN KISSED BY A DOG! GET THE IODINE!"

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