Monday, December 12, 2011

My Amazon saga

I got a damaged item from an Amazon seller last week. Two emails requesting an exchange went unanswered. Today I got an email from them requesting feedback. "Please leave a 5 in all categories".

I'll give them a 5. I'll give them five fingers in a knuckle sandwich.

I got back on Amazon and basically dropped the gloves. I told them i was displeased that they found the time to request feedback from me, while ignoring my two emails to them about exchanging the defective item. Moreover, if I don't hear from them by Wednesday, I will file a claim with Amazon and request a refund.

I think I'm being MORE than fair. More fair than they might deserve, frankly. But they get one more chance. If they don't start the exchange process by Wednesday, they're dead to me and I file a claim.

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