Saturday, November 21, 2009


Mark and I bought my mother-in-law's car from my in-laws today. It hadn't been run in so long that its battery was dead, so we replaced that. It also needs some other work done; for example, the speedometer, odometer, and gas gauge are unresponsive. And I'm not entirely sure if the temperature gauge is working... if it is, the car is runnng a bit hot and that will need looking into.

My dad told me to ask the mechanic to check the hoses and fan belt, since if those need replacing, we might as well do it ASAP.

We got it to replace my car, which is 20 years old and getting senile. The new (to us) car is 12 years old and was taken care of well by my in-laws. But it hasn't been used much in the past couple of years since my mother-in-law stopped driving.

Technically, it's not entirely "ours" yet, even though we paid for it, as we couldn't find an available notary to do the title transfer by the time we got the battery replaced. So we'll have to make a separate trip to get the title changed over. But we did drive the car home and we'll have the mechanic give the car a going-over in the meantime.

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