Friday, January 19, 2007

When I rule the world, all people will LEARN TO PROOFREAD!

Gaaah! The seeds of this rant were planted a few weeks ago, when we prepped and sent out a *huge* batch of medical insurance cards for a new customer, which we'll call XYZ Management Services. Soon afterward, we began receiving complaints that the aforementioned cards contained an incorrect customer service phone number on the back.

Therefore, all those cards were reissued, this time bearing the correct customer service number. Seven people dropped everything they were doing to prep yet another giant batch of cards, including adding an insert to the envelope that explained the reason for the replacement card. This insert informed subscribers what the correct phone number should be, and told them to destroy the original card with the wrong information on it.

So there we all were, stuffing cards and inserts into envelopes like mad, trying to get the entire XYZ shipment ready for the mailroom as quickly as humanly possible. Suddenly, we were called to attention by one shout: "Pull the insert!" It turns out that the insert, which was created to explain XYZ's phone number mistake to subscribers, contained a mistake on the corrected phone number...!

Eeeeeyaaah!!! My freaking nerves!

We had to remove the insert with the error from all those envelopes, then wait for the corporate print shop to print Insert Version 2.0, with the information that XYZ Company *really* intended to send. Then we sped through stuffing the corrected inserts into the envelopes with the corrected insurance cards. I couldn't help but notice that the revised inserts were still warm from the printing press.

Like I said: when I rule the world, people will proofread. Someone else provided wrong information, but OUR department was the one to deal with the chaos that resulted.

I need some aspirin.

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