Friday, February 17, 2006

My manager has let me know that she has, in fact, checked into the phone activity records for both my telephone and that of my colleague, starting from a long time back until now.

I'm not sure what she meant by "a long time", and I didn't ask. But I asked if I was hallucinating about the imbalance in the number of calls I've been receiving, vs. the number of times I've heard my colleague's phone ring. (Under normal circumstances, the way our phones are set up, it *should* be a relatively even workload.)

Apparently, there is not merely a difference, but a VAST disparity in how many more calls I receive, and this is a pattern that has been in place over a prolonged period of time. She said that this report, plus the comparison in the number of phone messages that I take in a day vs. those taken by other people, is significant evidence that the system is being abused. (We use phone message tablets, which create a carbon copy of every message we take. Said tablets are kept on hand for several months once they've been completely used. Since we write the date on all our messages, it's a simple matter to review the exhausted message tablets and see how many messages are taken in a given day, and by whom.)

No %@*#&$ *wonder* I feel like I don't have the time to get anything done! And no wonder the temp SEEMS to have done so little of the paperwork on the days that I've spent at Secondary Rheumatology Site! Spending an inordinate amount of time taking phone call after phone call will definitely wreak havoc on a person's productivity.

My colleague might THINK that she's making me look inefficient by accidentally-on-purpose letting me handle the lion's share of the phone calls. She gets her tons of paperwork done more quickly than I do mine, because she has fewer interruptions. Or maybe she couldn't care less whether either of us looks more efficient, as long as she doesn't have to deal with the phone. Who the heck knows? I'm not going to pretend I can get between another person's ears and figure out what they're thinking.

All I know is that she probably has no idea that it IS possible to document what's been going on with the phones. And I think that the paper trail of what's been going on is significant enough that she's going to find out, sooner rather than later, that it's KNOWN that she has been abusing the system.

And I'm glad to know that I'm not being paranoid over what's been going on with the telephone, and there really WAS something amiss. I'd have felt guilty if I'd started seeing unfairness where none existed, but it turns out that I was correct.

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