Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I've been on the wrong end of spitework, and I've witnessed spitework in other people's situations, where the person doing the backstabbing had something to gain from their target's misfortune. It's wrong, but at least I can trace the warped logic pattern that led up to one person undermining another person.

What I can't understand is someone who has NOTHING to gain, personally, monetarily, professionally, politically, etc, from hurting another person, who goes ahead and does it anyway.

There's one particular doctor in the practice where I work who is going out of her way to make problems for me. I can't imagine why. There's nothing she stands to gain from abusing the office staff.

She's a $*&%ing DOCTOR. People trust her with their HEALTH. That's not enough of a power trip for her? She has to kick people who are on lower rungs of the workplace ladder for what reason exactly?

Her patients swear by her. Right now, I want to swear AT her. I won't see her for several days, by which time I'll have calmed down, I'm sure. But today was the day that I found out, categorically, that her behavior toward me is more than just her regular dour demeanor that she treats everyone to when she's got her bloomers in a bunch. It's not my imagination. I feel sick.

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