Friday, August 26, 2005

One of my favorite places online is the rec.pets.cats.anecdotes newsgroup. When I'm not reviewing hockey boards or news sites, that's the most likely place I'll be surfing.

Cat people worldwide post there, and it really is an active community where the regular posters care about one another. I've seen a bunch of online groups and mailing lists, and this one is in a class by itself for how members watch out for each other and help one another out.

So I was quite intrigued by the site that one of our posters has set up. She created the RPCA Guest Map, for people to actually be able to post a marker showing where they're from on a world map. So now there are a lot of posters who've listed themselves and their kitties on the map. I love it.

You can really, REEEEALLY zoom in close and be as exact as you like. Use the "Satellite" or "Hybrid" option and you can go right down to the exact BUILDING you wish to place the marker on, if you want.

I certainly wanted to place a marker on the map, but I'm leery of indicating my exact address on the Internet for goodness-knows-whom to see. So I did the next best thing, and marked another place where I've spent lots and lots of time over the past ten years. Zoom alllll the way in to Philadelphia and you'll see an approximation of where my season ticket seats are at the Spectrum. :o)

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