Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Yay... I finally got the postgame "Max and Neil" story posted, so if you're curious to see what has supplanted the placeholder, do scroll down. ;o)

This morning was the first time I used the polarized sunglasses I ordered online. (I actually ordered the grey pair but since there's no image of those on the site, I linked this post to the amber pair instead.) Boy, what a difference the glasses made! Since I'm driving to work during a time of day when the sun hasn't risen very high yet, there's a LOT of glare to deal with, and it's really been bothering my eyes. (You know the glare's bad when you already have a nice case of eyestrain when you ARRIVE at work.) Even things like the recently-fixed, and therefore smooth and surprisingly reflective, road surfaces have been causing glare. I'm glad to report that the new pair of glasses is a good solution for this problem. What a relief!

In fact, I think the glasses were why I was able to see a little patch of rainbow this morning on my way in to work. Because the back-lit, overcast part of the sky wasn't especially bright to look at, I noticed an unexpected bit of color in there at one point where the clouds seemed thin. Since I was waiting for a traffic light to turn green, I had some time to take a second look, and what do you know? It was a small section of a rainbow! Too bad I didn't have a camera handy. (Something about driving and taking pictures... they're kind of not compatible, ya know?) So I'll just have to file the memory away if I want to see that particular image again later... but it certainly was a nice little smile during the drive to work.

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